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Social Media Inspired by “Big Gas Savings” from K-Mart

Kmart's inspired social media gives us a chuckle.

This is part of my series 15 Social Media Concepts to Make you a More Marketable Social Media Professional: Concepts 6 & 7 I recently Tweeted about how much I liked the new Kmart “Big Gas Savings” advertising and subsequent social media presence, and what do you know Kmart tweeted back.  Not only did they know I tweeted about them, but they also engaged with me.  My post had no customer service request or action needed, I just wanted to share the advertisement and my thoughts with my followers and Social Media MBA students. In the past, I have posted …

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5 “Must Have’s” in any So(Social) Mo(Mobile) Lo(Local) Strategy

SoMoLo marketing strategy makes it easy for consumers to find anything related to your business.

Businesses unleash the power of SoMoLo when they connect with consumers where social, mobile and local intersect; it is at this point where companies meet consumers where they are (not vice-versa, as in the old days of marketing). Identifying that sweet spot and crafting seamless messages across these three venues requires an integrated mindset, and a land of opportunity exists for those who adapt and embrace the new way of thinking. I talk about this in more detail in What is SoMoLo and Why is It So Important to Marketers; it’s my first post on the SoMoLo topic and I …

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Will Your Social Media Service Tell You When It Hits The Iceberg?

Social Media and Business: Will your social media service provider sink and disappear?

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin Unless a venture succeeds, in the business of social media we are probably obliged to only one of Ben Franklin’s certainties.  And in that case, the operative expression might be Domain Not Found, rather than death. Anyone who invested a lot of time, energy and (ouch!) financial resources in building a business presence at MySpace (rebranded Myspace), Second Life, Digg and other fallen stars has earned enough online combat pay to exercise a wee bit more caution before recommending the next new and shiny …

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