Irvine Chamber of Commerce Micropreneur Webinar – January 20 – Webinar

January 20, 2011 | Irvine Chamber of Commerce | Webinar – Irvine, California is known for being one of the safest cities to live in, has a public school system that is renowned nationally, is host to the University of California, Irvine, and is also an excellent city for business which houses the headquarters of many internationally known companies.  Irvine also has an excellent Chamber of Commerce that, among other things, has a program specifically to foster “micropreneurs” providing FREE weekly webinars.   Though the webinars are structured to help out local entrepreneurs, the webinars are free to join for anyone.

On January 20 I will be presenting on how entrepreneurs and small business owners can be better Maximizing LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is the primary online networking tool for business professionals.  Is your business putting this powerful tool to work in your business today?  If not come join me as I help you navigate best practices to help your business maximize LinkedIn.

To access this free webinar, make sure you check out the instructions on the Irvine Chamber of Commerce Micropreneur page.

Are you a micropreneur?  If you are a small scale entrepreneur with just a few employees, this is the resource for you!  The Irvine Chamber of Commerce Micropreneur program offers the following resources:

FREE weekly webinars on business topics of interest to Micropreneurs

Learn new ways to raise capital, market your products, develop new business opportunities, manage your finances, and plan for greater prosperity by participating in online presentations hosted by experts from many fields. With a computer and a telephone, you can attend these programs from anywhere! The webinars are available for all to attend for free.

Exclusive social networking for Micropreneurs

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce offers both physical and online networking opportunities for Micropreneurs to meet and provide support to one another. You can attend physical events held at the Chamber of Commerce in Irvine or participate in online forums. micropreneur.ogoing.com

Special Events

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce hosts frequent special events that support small scale entrepreneurs. These include investment forums, international trade symposiums, updates on important topics such as business legislation, environmental concerns, and more.

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting you, the proprietor of a micro business. For more information and a current calendar of events go to the Irvine Chamber of Commerce website located at www.irvinechamber.com.

Your Host for the Irvine Micropreneur Program

Your host for the Irvine Micropreneur Program is Robert Coleman, President of the Pacific Venture Club (www.pacificventureclub.com). Robert has reviewed thousands of small businesses, helped companies raise millions of dollars in investment capital, and taught numerous classes on small business management. In addition, Robert has interviewed many thought leaders, authors, and experts in small business management for radio and online programs.

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