California Diversity Council Diversity and Inclusion Conference Panel Host

October 19-20, 2010 | Diversity and Inclusion Conference hosted by California Diversity Council and the University of Phoenix, Costa Mesa, CA – I will be the host of a panel that will feature multiple speakers and explore the topic of “Social Media and Diversity.”

At Diversity and Inclusion: Challenges and Opportunities you will experience one and a half focused days of keynote presentations, breakout sessions and discussion panels devoted to diversity issues including scope and definition, trends, social, community, education, religious issues, and best practices in business including law, marketing, sports, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries.

Sessions will include expert presenters, panelist and moderators from companies, organizations, institutions and academic communities to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion in a positive academic and professional environment.

The event will also provide an exceptional forum for business networking and the promotion of diversity programs.

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