OC Marketeers Association Speaker

October 6, 2010 | OC Marketeers, Irvine, CA – I am proud to be speaking to this exclusive group of marketing professionals in Southern California on the topic of “From Blog to Books.”  In preparation for my upcoming presentation at #UnGeeked, I will be speaking without any PowerPoint presentation, completely unplugged, in an interactive environment where I hope to help those that attend see the value in blogging as part of their career management and strengthening of their personal brand.  I will also give advice for those striving to become authors in their own outright.  Whether or not you plan to write a book or a blog, understanding how social media has changed the landscape in favor of those professionals who contribute content is something that you do not want to miss.

The OC Marketeers is an exclusive networking group for sales and marketing professionals in Southern California.

Our mission is to bring sales & marketing professionals together for networking and career education purposes. We strive to complement what larger networking groups are doing by offering direct support and resources to our members. We also provide functional training via presentations given by group members or guest presenters.

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