Young President’s Organization (YPO) of Southern California Keynote Speaker

October 7, 2010 | Young President’s Organization of Southern California, Orange County, CA – I will be presenting to this prestigious organization on “Social Media for Executives: Overcoming the Fear and Unleashing the Business Potential of Social Media.”  For many CEOs and executives, social media can provide challenges to privacy control, reputation management, and time management.  On the other hand, social media provides a wealth of opportunity for companies to engage with potential customers to develop new business.  Join me as I walk through how to control personal privacy in social media while utilizing it in a business environment to help meet corporate objectives.

My speech will focus on the following topics:

  • Understanding privacy concerns within social media and how to control them to mitigate potential risk
  • A look at how to effectively time manage social media participation to avoid it becoming a “time suck”
  • I will then shift to a corporate view of how social media can bring a plethora of benefits to a company including but not limited to business development and brand awareness.
  • Managing social media internally: A look at different models of managing internal resources and engagement strategies.
  • Bringing it all together: How employee participation in social media can strengthen both internal company culture as well as its perceived brand to the outside world,

The mission of the YPO is: Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange™

A great deal has changed since YPO’s founding 60 years ago, but certain things have remained the same: the value of a peer network and trusted mentors, the importance of ongoing education, and the need for a “safe haven” where issues can be aired in an environment of confidentiality. Over the past six decades, YPO has maintained its core commitment to these ideals while embracing change with each successive generation of young business leaders.

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